Oleh: admin1970 | 15 Desember 2008

Validation of an Interdisciplinary Food Safety Curriculum

Food Science Education Research
Validation of an Interdisciplinary Food Safety Curriculum Targeted at Middle School Students and Correlated to State Educational Standards
Jennifer Richards 1 , Gary Skolits 1 , Janie Burney 1 , Ashley Pedigo 1 , and F. Ann Draughon 1

ABSTRACT: Providing effective food safety education to young consumers is a national health priority to combat the nearly 76 million cases of foodborne illness in the United States annually. With the tremendous pressures on teachers for accountability in core subject areas, the focus of classrooms is on covering concepts that are tested on state performance examinations. As a result, topics such as food safety are rarely addressed in middle school classrooms. Middle school is an ideal time to teach food safety because adolescents are in the process of setting lifelong behaviors; therefore, they are more likely to synthesize new food safety knowledge in a way that will lead to the development of lifelong behaviors. The purpose of this study was to scientifically validate an educational resource that provides a method for classroom teachers to involve young consumers in food safety education while meeting state content area curriculum standards. An interdisciplinary curriculum targeted at middle school students and correlated directly to state content standards was designed to include highly effective instructional strategies that teach food safety concepts through all core subject classes (science, math, social studies, and language arts). The curriculum was pilot tested in 5 schools using a pretest, posttest, and follow-up test assessment model. The results showed that the curriculum was highly effective at raising student knowledge (21% gain) and improving students’ food handling behaviors (8.47% gain) from pretests to posttests. In addition, 6 wk after implementation, students retained 86% of their total knowledge gain as measured by a follow-up assessment.



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